Using TRIZ to Make Systems more Reliable

Jack Hipple

Jack Hipple is Principal Consultant, Innovation-TRIZ, in Tampa, FL. He is a chemical engineering graduate of Carnegie Mellon University. His 30 year industrial career included responsibility for corporate chemical engineering R&D at Dow Chemical as well as its New Ventures Discovery Research program, Program Manager with the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences, New Product and more


In our efforts to add what we believe to be useful functionality to products and systems, we frequently get to the point where all the added usefulness becomes either a reliability or maintenance headache. It's the nature of many technical professions, especially engineering, to want to ADD things to systems to improve their usefulness. They we balance the added utility with the complexity and "optimize" the design to minimize the inconvenience. What if we could have our cake and eat it too? Have the added utility but without the complexity? This webinar will review the basics of the "TRIZ" (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) process and how its use in product design at the early stages can eliminate the need to have to make those compromises later.

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