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Our courses are taught by experienced instructors with both theoretical and practical experience in the field of reliability and maintainability engineering, as evidenced by their instructor biographies.  Our instructors are experts in their field and experienced in teaching statistics, modeling and simulation, mechanical reliability, risk analysis and product design!  Sign up to our courses today and learn from the best!

Jim McLinn (Fellow ASQ) graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1974 with a MS in Solid State Physics. His first worked for Control Data Corporation. Here he spent the next 5 years improving semiconductors and working with suppliers. He continued his work at Cardiac Pacemakers, helping to pioneer the reliable use of large scale CMOS devices in pacemakers. Next, he worked as a quality manager in a small company that supplied microminature hybrid components for the hearing aid industry. After that Jim served as an engineering manager at Litton Microwave Cooking Products working with qualifying suppliers until 1986.

Mr. McLinn worked as an improvement consultant with Rel-Tech Group until 2004. This firm was engaged in helping companies become more competitive by providing a framework for an overall improvement process. Companies he has helped include manufacturing, design and service providers. He presently works at Teradyne ensuring the reliability of high speed digital test equipment. His responsibilities include predictions, leading FMEA teams, HALT test and working with international Teradyne subsidiaries.

He earned the Certified Reliability Engineer distinction in 1980 and the Certified Quality Engineer in 1988 and Certified Quality Manager in 1995. Jim was named the Young Quality Engineer of the Year for Minnesota in 1982. He has been active in the American Society for Quality, serving in most offices as well as section chairman for Minnesota in 1984/85 and conference co-chair in 2004 and 2005. He was named a Fellow of ASQ in 1994 and a distinguished Engineer in 2000 by the Minnesota Federation of Engineering Societies. He has served on the IEEE Reliability Society ADCOM from 2004 to 2010. Jim is now retired and working part time as a reliability consultant for Ops A La Carte.

David Auda is the senior Reliability Engineer on staff with the Quality & Customer Satisfaction Department of Volvo Powertrain. David has a Degree with honors (Tau Beta Pi) in Electrical Engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology. David’s Masters level study in Reliability and Statistics was taken at the John D. Hromi Center for Applied Statistics at the Rochester Institute of Technology. David was the chair of the ASQ Reliability Division for 2012-2013 and he is currently the Secretary on the Executive Committee of the Society of Reliability Engineers. David is an experienced ASQ validated trainer and presenter, and has been a repeat presenter at International Symposia and Conferences.

Jim Breneman worked for Pratt & Whitney, a division of United Technologies for almost 35 years before retiring in 2008. At retirement, he was an ACE mentor, as well as the Manager of Engineering Technical Excellence. Jim formed and guided P&W’s Engineering Technical University, and he was responsible for all P&W Research & Development Agreements with Universities, as well as the P&W Information System & Library. Jim is a Pratt &Whitney Fellow in Reliability & Statistics.

Jim has been a member of SAE since 1986 and is an SAE Fellow in Reliability. He also is a former Chair of Sections Board Member and a former Chair of the SAE G-11 Reliability, Maintainability and Supportability Committee. In addition, Jim has been a member of: American Statistical Association since 1977, the Society of Reliability Engineers since 2000, and the American Society for Quality since 2007. He has taught and developed Quality & Statistics curricula in various forms for industry and academia.He received a B.S. in Mathematics from UNC-Chapel Hill and an M.S. in Applied Mathematics from NC State University -with a minor in Statistics and Computer Science.

Marc Banghart  is a reliability engineer with Wyle Incorporated supporting several United States Air Force (USAF) contracts. His area of focus is failure analysis, modeling and simulation as well as sustainment engineering.  Marc started his career in the United States Air Force working on F-15 aircraft. After leaving the Air Force, Marc held several positions supporting functional areas of Systems Engineering to include reliability, integration and test and evaluation.  He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science (Troy State University) and a Master of Science degree in Systems Engineering (Southern Methodist University) and Computer Engineering (Stevens Institute of Technology). He is currently pursuing a PhD in Industrial and Systems Engineering, with a focus on reliability from Mississippi State University. Marc is an active participant in several professional organizations including ASQ and IEEE.

Dr. Mohammad Pourgol-Mohammad is a safety/reliability analyst/consultant in multidisciplinary systems analysis and an assistant professor of mechanical engineering, with Sahand University of Technology (SUT). He received his Ph.D in Reliability Engineering from University of Maryland (UMD), and holds one M.Sc degree in nuclear engineering and another in reliability engineering from UMD. His undergraduate degree is in Electrical Engineering. Dr Pourgol-Mohammad has over 20 years of work experience including research and teaching in safety applications and reliability engineering at various institutions including FM Global, Goodman Manufacturing, UMD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), University of Zagreb-Croatia, USNRC and INEL. He is a senior member of ASQ, ASME, IEEE and ANS and member of several technical committees and a registered Professional Engineer (PE) in states of Maryland and Massachusetts. He is a certified reliability engineer (ASQ CRE). He has authored more than 80 papers and reports on his researches. His efforts have been valued with several awards and recognitions.


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