Impact of Censored Data on Reliability Estimation and Life Test Planning (截尾数据对于可靠性估计和寿命试验计划的影响)

Rong Pan
Dr. Rong Pan is an Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering at Arizona State University. He received his doctoral degree in Industrial Engineering from Penn State University in 2002. He has been working at Arizona State University since 2006. Before that, he was an assistant professor at the University of Texas at El Paso. His research interests include failure time data analysis, design of more


Data censoring is a staple feature of reliability data analysis. In this talk, we will discuss several different types of censored data – where they are from, how to recognize the censoring type, and how format the data for analysis. More importantly, the data analyst should understand the impacts of different types of censoring on reliability estimation and life test planning, so as to avoid some typical pitfalls caused by ignoring censoring or by using wrong types of censoring. We will demonstrate the value of performing Monte Carlo simulations for studying the impacts of censoring and for evaluating a life test plan.

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