Achieving Effective FMEAs (Part 1 of 3)

Carl Carlson
Carl S. Carlson is a consultant and instructor in the areas of FMEA, reliability program planning and other reliability engineering disciplines, currently supporting clients of ReliaSoft Corporation. He has 30 years experience in reliability testing, engineering, and management positions, including manager of product reliability at General Motors. He co-chaired the cross-industry team that more


FMEA has been around for many decades and has a long history as a method to support product designs, manufacturing processes, service, and maintenance. The plain truth is FMEA has the potential to be a very powerful tool to achieve high reliability in products and processes; and when done well, it is remarkably effective. Yet in practice, FMEA does not always achieve the expected results. Based on the experience of over two thousand FMEAs and working with many companies in a wide variety of applications, certain common mistakes show up repeatedly. What are the primary ways that FMEAs can be done wrongly (mistakes made), and what are the quality characteristics that make for effective FMEAs (quality objectives)? These questions are answered in this new short course on FMEA.

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