Weibull Analysis II: Using Weibull Analysis to Solve REAL Engineering Problems

Jim Breneman
Jim Breneman worked for Pratt & Whitney, Division of United Technologies for almost 35 years before retiring in 2008. At retirement he was an ACE mentor, as well as the Manager of Engineering Technical Excellence. Jim formed and guided P&W’s Engineering Technical University, was responsible for all P&W Research & Development Agreements with Universities, as well as the P&W In...read more


Need some in-depth help with Weibull analysis? In the first Weibull webinar (Sept 2012) you were introduced to the Weibull distribution as the most useful failure distribution for use in Reliability as well as learning some of the 1st uses of Weibull Analysis an engineer usually needs. In this follow-on to the first webinar you will learn: What are Maximum Likelihood Estimates? “Weibayes” Analysis ? Weibull analysis with zero failures???? How to identify more than one failure mode in the data. What to do if you have failure- only times, in a large unfailed population. A discussion and use for Confidence intervals & the Weibull. What to do with interval failure data. How to present/explain a predicted number of failures

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