Seven Steps to Effective Problem Solving

Dean Gano
Dean L. Gano is the creator of the Apollo Root Cause Analysis process that has become a standard bearer for effective problem-solving throughout the world. Apollo Root Cause Analysis, also known as RealityCharting, is taught in many languages and is utilized by many of the worlds largest companies, NASA, FAA, and other government agencies. Dean is the author of two books on root cause analysis more


In every human endeavor, a critical component to our success is our ability to solve the problems that our life or work presents to us. Good problem-solving skills is the number one characteristic most employers look for in their employees because it minimizes the need for supervision. Unfortunately, we often set ourselves up to fail with our various problem-solving strategies and our inherent prejudices. We typically rely on what we believe to be common sense, storytelling, and categorizing to resolve our problems. Using the strategies most of us have learned in our walk through life typically leads to conformity, which breeds complacency and mediocrity. This presentation will expose the ineffective strategies that prevent us from being effective problem-solvers and provide a simple principle-based problem-solving process that anyone can use to find effective solutions to everyday problems every time.

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