What Makes Hitachi GST the Industry Leader in Quality and Reliability (是什么造就了日立全球资讯储存质量和可靠性的业界领导地位)

Feng-Bin Sun
Dr. Feng-Bin (Frank) Sun is currently a Reliability Engineering Technologist at Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (HGST). Prior to joining HGST, he had more than 23 years of working experience in both academia and industry. He published two books, both by Prentice Hall, and near 30 papers in various areas of reliability, maintainability and quality engineering. His expertise and interests includ...read more


Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (HGST) has been consistently ranked top on quality and reliability in HDD industry. The most recent awards include HP Quality Award, Supplier Excellence Award from Google, and Number One Supplier recognition from Sony for the best quality, reliability, and service. This presentation provides an experience sharing of HGST�s success story with best practices in quality and reliability. It covers the following topics: 1. HGST Quality and Reliability philosophy & vision 2. Define Quality and Reliability leadership and team building 3. Understand Product Life-Cycle Reliability Pattern and Define Closed-Loop Reliability Activities 4. Define Quality and Reliability Matrices and Conduct Reliability Prediction and Allocation 5. Assure System Quality & Reliability Starting from Bottom � Component and Supplier Quality Monitoring 6. Grow/Mature Product Reliability during Development 7. Ongoing Quality & Reliability Monitoring during Volume Production 8. Holistic product health monitoring and proactive processes � parametric Quality and Reliability 9. �Ochibo� spirit � learn from �mistakes� through Problem Deep Diving and continuous improvement It is hoped that the audience can get a systematic view and appreciation of reliability efforts behind a successful company.

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