Understanding HALT Application in Desktop, Notebook, and Server (了解HALT在桌面电脑、笔记本电脑、和服务器系统中的运用)

Dann, Gerald and Jimmy Huang, Chang and Yang
Danny LS Huang has over 10 years experience in electronics industry. Prior to Wistron, Danny works in Promise Technology Inc. with expertise in high speed interfaces, SCSI, iSCSI, SAS and fiber channel applications with NAS, SAN and DAS network storage. He is also excelled in 2nd level failure analysis. He was the key technical staff in Promise Technology Inc. reliability team for over 6 years bef...read more


Application of HALT at design stage becomes more and more common in electronics industry. Many discussions and disputations of the HALT test interpretation are in full swing. With our HALT test experiences in notebook, desktop and server products, we intend to share and discuss the safety factor of exact product operating limits to its operation specifications in temperature and vibration and common failure modes stimulated thereby. A general perspective of the test setup techniques by product types and its influence is also provided. The distinctive roles of HALT on board level and system level from thermal flow field point of view are also shared in this paper.

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