Reliability DOE The Proper Analysis Approach for Life Data (可靠性实验设计: 寿命数据的正确分析方法)

Huairui Guo
Dr. Huairui (Harry) Guo is the Director of the Theoretical Development Department at ReliaSoft Corporation. He received his Ph.D. in Systems & Industrial Engineering and M.S. in Reliability & Quality engineering; both from the University of Arizona. His research and publications cover reliability areas, such as life data analysis, repairable system modeling and reliability test planning, more


Design of Experiment (DOE) has been widely applied on improving product performance. It is an important part of Design for Six Sigma (DFSS). However, due to its limitation on data requirement and model assumptions, it is not popularly used in life test. In this presentation, a method combining regular DOE technique with proper life data analysis method is presented. This method can be used to identify factors that affect product life and also can be used to optimize design variables to improve product reliability.

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