Effective Reliability Test Plan Development

Greg Caswell
Greg Caswell, a Senior Member of the Technical Staff for DfR Solutions, is an industry recognized expert in the fields of SMT, advanced packaging, printed board fabrication, circuit card assembly, and bonding solutions using nanotechnology. He has been well-regarded as a leader in the electronics contract manufacturing and component packaging industries for the past 40 years. Prior to joining DfR ...read more


Reliability test plans are critical to the success of a new product or technology. Tests must be stressful enough to identify defects and show correlation to a realistic environment. Selecting the appropriate environment conditions for design & test is critical. The recommended approach is approach is a combined use of industry standards and physics of failure understanding. This results in an optimized test plan acceptable to both management and customers. The Effective Reliability Test Plan Development presentation will be focused on developing a better understanding of: - Critical Elements of an Testing Program - Testing Stressors - Common test types

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