Robustness Thinking in Design for Reliability I (可靠性设计中建壮性的思考:系列一)

Matthew Hu
Dr. Matthew Hu currently is a Director, Reliability Design at Envision Energy. He has been an exceptional and recognized Quality, Reliability, Robust Engineering, Lean Six Sigma (LSS), Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) expert and leader in the professional societies, including ASQ, SAE, CAQ and others. Prior to joining Envision Energy, he held numerous leadership positions in quality, reliability more


Will customer always use our products under optimal conditions? Will our products always be manufactured under optimal conditions? The answer to these two questions is no. The challenge is simply that variation exists everywhere and inherent in all products and processes. Products and or processes which are sensitive to the effects of variation are significant contributors to quality, reliability and ultimately customer dissatisfaction. How can we make our product and or process insensitive to the variation? In this seminar, we will introduce robustness thinking about “how product or process can be designed to insensitive to variation and uncertainty” to explore the synergy between robust engineering and design for reliability. The major focus of this seminar is to achieve reliability improvement through robust design. It does so by factoring reliability into the development of the design itself by designing for target reliability. The result of this approach avoids costly over-design and or dangerous under-design. Recognizing how variation in the environment (e.g., energy source, raw materials, heat, humidity, shock, vibration, dirt and dust) and system internal wear out, deterioration degrade reliability, robust design offers an exciting and effective way to build quality and reliability into products and services versus testing to inspect quality to assure reliability.

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