Profiles in Reliability – Mingxiao Jiang

Mingxiao Jiang for ASQ RD

Tell us your name
Mingxiao Jiang

Where do you live?
Minneapolis, MN

Tell us about your education background.
BS in Engineering Mechanics from Zhejiang University, MS in Reliability Engineering from University of Arizona and PhD from George Institute of Technology.
An ASQ Certified Reliability Engineer.

Tell us about your professional background.
Entire career in reliability engineering, with practice in different business sectors, including automotive, energy, data storage and medical devices.
Right now a Technical Fellow at Medtronic.

How have you given back to the reliability profession?
Editorial Review Board for journals: Reliability Review (2009, 2010); Quality Engineering (2011 – present); 
President of SRE (Society of Reliability Engineers) MN Chapter (2013 – present);
Vice Chair (in management committee) of RAMS ( (2009 – 2013);
ISSAT Program Committee member (, 2013 – present )
40 peer reviewed papers, 25 of which are of reliability analysis and risk management.

What do you enjoy most about reliability?
Always seeking a more efficient way to develop product and process.
Ensure reliability work is relevant and practical.

What do you do for fun and relaxation?
Soccer and reading

What is reliability in your own words?
It is a measurement of product and process performance throughout the lifecycle.
Assurance of it needs multiple discipline knowledge and systematic approaches.

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