Achieving Effective FMEAs (Part 3 of 3)

Carl Carlson
Carl S. Carlson is a consultant and instructor in the areas of FMEA, reliability program planning and other reliability engineering disciplines, currently supporting clients of ReliaSoft Corporation. He has 30 years experience in reliability testing, engineering, and management positions, including manager of product reliability at General Motors. He co-chaired the cross-industry team that more


In order to be fully effective, FMEA teams require an infrastructure and coordinated approach from many different departments and organizational functions. The importance of broad support from management in implementing an effective FMEA process cannot be overstated. Without this support, FMEA teams can flounder, and not achieve good results. A company-wide FMEA process is the entire set of systems and tasks essential to support development of high-reliability products and processes through timely accomplishment of well-done FMEAs. This short course outlines a successful FMEA process, and the specific roles and responsibilities that must be implemented.

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