Reliably Solving Intractable Problems

Ivan Rosenberg
IVAN M. ROSENBERG, the President and CEO of Frontier Associates, Inc., has over 30 years experience as a management consultant and change agent. He supports leaders who are committed to achieving breakthrough results in organizational performance, such as sales, efficiency, and profitability results far beyond what might be predictable by past performance (300% improvements are not uncommon). more


Every organization has important problems for which there appear to be no solutions, i.e., where a breakthrough is needed. Every suggestion and every study makes these problems seem more complex and less solvable. A major obstacle to solving such problems is the way we often view them: ?Studying the problem is assumed to be one of the steps, typically an early step, toward a solution. ?The problem-solvers focus on fixing a solution that didn�t work rather than on accomplishing the real goal, or they work toward different goals. ?The importance of solving the problem is not clear to those who have been assigned to solve it. ?The problem-resolution process is not clear or not agreed to by the participants. In this webinar we will see that one of the major obstacles to solving certain problems is recognizing that there are at least two qualitatively different types of problems, called convergent and divergent. We are familiar with convergent problems, and almost all of our problem-solving approaches are geared to this type. However, applying convergent problem-solving techniques to divergent problems not only does not solve the problem, but usually makes the problem worse, resulting in �wrapping ourselves around the axle�. The webinar will cover how to recognize what type of problem we have and will describe eight principles and a 13-step process that have been demonstrated over more than 20 years to reliably solve divergent problems, i.e., produce breakthroughs. - See that there are two different types of problems, convergent and divergent - Learn how to recognize what type of problem one has - See why convergent problem solving processes don�t work with divergent problems - Learn the eight principles for solving divergent problems - Learn the 13 steps of a process for reliably solving divergent problems. - Know where to go to get additional information and training.

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