Reliability Block Modeling as a decision tool

Marc Banghart
Marc Banghart is a lead reliability engineer with Wyle Incorporated supporting several Reliability Information Analysis Center (RIAC) contracts. His area of focus is Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), reliability modeling, optimization, and sustainment engineering. Marc started his career in the United States Air Force working on F-15 aircraft. After leaving the Air Force, Marc held several more


Reliability Block Modeling (RBD) is a versatile tool that can be used to support program decisions and their potential impact on Reliability, Maintainabiility, Availability and Cost. This webinar will discuss the basics of model development, underlying mathematical assumptions and appropriate uses of this type of modeling. Topics of discussion will include series, parralel and standby system configurations. The webinar topic will be illustrated with an example, developed in the Isograph Availability Workbench software package. - Understand the basics of reliability block modeling and simulation - Be able to build a small model and understand the inputs/outputs

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