Reliability Estimation from Accelerated Degradation Testing (基于加速退化试验的可靠性评估)

Guangbin Yang
Guangbin Yang is a supervisor with Americas Product Development Quality, Ford Motor Company. He authored the book, Life Cycle Reliability Engineering (Wiley, 2007), and was conferred upon the “Engineer of the Year” award for 2002 by IEEE Reliability Society. He is Publications Chair of ASQ Reliability Division, Editorial Board member of International Journal of Reliability, Quality and Safety more


Accelerated tests are conducted at various stages of the product life cycle. When accelerated life tests yield few or no failures at low stress levels, it is difficult or impossible to estimate reliability at the design stress level. In such situations, accelerated degradation tests may be used. This presentation introduces accelerated degradation test methods, degradation models, estimation of model parameters, relationships between degradation and reliability, and estimation of reliability at the design stress level. Several practical examples are presented.

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