Tolerance Analysis

Norbert Jagodzinski
Norbert S. Jagodzinski is an Adjunct Professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology, RIT. and as a commercial pilot, he is the owner and operator of Jag's Aerial Photographic Services.His career spanned 50 years in the field of Reliability in research and design at the Bell Aero Systems, Sylvania Electronics, and Eastman Kodak Company. As an adjunct professor at RIT, since 1977, he has more


There are many problems associated with tolerances that can be solved by the application of Monte Carlo Simulation techniques. Other common methods for evaluating statistical tolerances are Taylor series approximation, experimental design techniques attributed to G. Taguchi. The method described herein is a simplified expansion of Taguchi 3 level factorial experiment, which takes each component center, high and low level, together with other components at their 3 levels. (A full factorial design). The method is illustrated and it will serve as an Excel template for 2, 3, 4 and 5 components. To achieve the objective of error propagation, the examples provided herein are limited to statistically normally distributed independent random variables.


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