Root Cause Analysis Common Problems and Solutions

Duke Okes
Duke has been a private consultant & trainer since 1985 helping organizations implement, assess and diagnose problems with business processes. He holds degrees in technology, education and business, and is an ASQ Fellow, CMQ/OE, CQE and CQA. He is the author of “Root Cause Analysis: The Core of Problem Solving and Corrective Action.”


Due to popular demand we have scheduled an encore live event for Aug 31st noon US EDT. �The process of diagnosing product problems identified during design, manufacture or use brings many challenges.��The presentation will discuss ways to alleviate these difficulties using a structured, troubleshooting-based approach, and being aware of some common errors and ways of dealing with them.o How to analyze data for low frequency failureso Using the information from RCA for improving both prevention and detectiono Understand why finding a product solution often isn't enough

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