Reliability in the Solar Universe

Mike Silverman
Mike Silverman is the founder and a managing partner at Ops A La Carte, a Professional Consulting Company that has an intense focus on helping customers with end-to-end reliability. Mike has over 25 years of experience in reliability engineering, reliability management and reliability training. He is an experienced leader in reliability improvement through analysis and testing. Mike has a BS more


The universe of solar products is large and expanding exponentially.Most of us are not aware of the manifold applications of solar energy from photovoltaic modules and solar furnaces through manned air travel in planes that never need fuel.Of all of the emerging clean tech industries, the solar industry is one of the most challenging from a reliability engineering perspective because the industry is innovating so rapidly. Customers (and investors) are demanding very high reliability products, exceeding 25 years in many applications. As this industry grows and expands in every direction, with many new and diverse technologies, the core element of reliability will continue to be critical for success, whether we are powering our homes, cars, clothing or sidewalks.Each aspect of a solar product must be considered for reliability. For example, in a solar power installation, the cells, the panels, the trackers, the inverters, even the installation itself, there are opportunities for failures. Whether industrial, commercial or residential, these applications have a high demand for reliability because the solar products will usually be taking the place of an incumbent, and therefore, they must be as good or better.Join Ops A La Carte for a quick trip through the Solar Universe and the many faces of Reliability Engineering in this rapidly expanding sector. The presentation will include technical information on the benchmarking, reliability, life cycle and end-of-life susceptibility of components in solar products.

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