Reliability Roadmap using quality function deployment

Lori Bechtold
Lori E. Bechtold is a reliability engineer with Boeing Research & Technology in Seattle, WA. She's a mathematician with a B.S. degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.), specializing in reliability analysis, physics of failure modeling and reliability industry standards development. Lori is the Principal Investigator of the AVSI task AFE74, a project to use Quality more


A project sponsored in 2010 by the Aerospace Vehicle Systems Institute (AVSI), AFE 74, engaged a community of reliability subject matter experts to develop a reliability prediction technology roadmap based on a collaborative quality function deployment (QFD) industry assessment. The QFD provided a means to capture multiple viewpoints in a detailed enumeration of the needs, priorities and potential solutions for new reliability prediction methods to better support reliable system design processes. The discussions that were inspired by conducting this QFD provided an opportunity to open communications on some very divisive reliability prediction issues and helped bring the community together to solve the challenges of improving the utility of reliability predictions for the future. This presentation summarizes the findings of each step of the QFD, the reliability predictions roadmap derived from the QFD and discusses steps being taken to implement the roadmap.

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