Introduction to Vibration Qualification Testing

David Common
David Common has over 12 years of experience in vibration/environmental qualification testing. As part of a third-party test lab, he has worked on automotive, aerospace, military, nuclear and medical qualification programs. David has gained hands-on experience developing ATS’ Dynamics Testing services through electrodynamic shakers, AGREE chambers and a triaxial hydraulic table for seismic more


This Webinar will present the basic concepts used in vibration qualification testing. A condensed overview of the following concepts will be presented: - Various vibration sources (sinusoidal, random, etc.) - Ways to quantify and analyze vibration properties - Typical means to replicate field conditions in a lab environment - Shakers (mechanical, electrodynamic, hydraulic) - Vibration fixtures Hands-on insights and case histories encountered in our test lab will be presented to practically illustrate the concepts.

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