How to graph, analyze and compare sets of repair data

Wayne Nelson
Wayne B. Nelson, PHD, is a leading expert on analysis of reliability and accelerated test data. Formerly with General Electric Research & Development for twenty-three years, he now privately consults on and teaches engineering applications of statistics for many companies, professional societies, and universities. For his outstanding contributions to reliability data analysis and accelerated more


Many products accumulate repeated repairs and repair costs over time. Analysis of such recurrence data requires special statistical models and methods not covered in basic reliability books. This tutorial webinar presents a simple and informative model and plot for analyzing data on numbers or costs of repeated repairs of a sample of units. The plot is illustrated with transmission repair data from preproduction cars on a track test. This article also presents a method for comparing two such data sets, illustrated with automatic and manual transmissions. Computer programs that calculate and make the plots and comparisons with confidence limits are surveyed.

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