Design for Reliability (DFR) - A Case Study Using a Physics of Failure (PoF)

Haiyu Qi
Dr. Haiyu Qi is a Technology Management Partner of RelEng Technologies, Inc. Dr. Qi is a senior member of the ASQ Reliability Division over 10 years of electronic products and systems experience in design for reliability, reliability testing and prediction, prognostics health management, field reliability, and RoHS management. He also serves as technical committee and audit chair of ASQ more


Design for reliability (DFR) is an industry-wide practice and a philosophy of considering reliability in an early stage of product design and development, to achieve a highly-reliable product while with sustainable cost. Physical of Failure (PoF) is recognized as a key approach of implementing DFR in a product design and development process.��The author will present a case study to illustrate predicting and identifying product failure early in the design phase with the help of a quantitative PoF model based analysis tool.

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