Complex Conjugate History of Reliability

Larry George
Larry is a cyclist, hiker, and oboist who still works on reliability statistics, even after 11 years of teaching, 11 years working for Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, and more than 20 years working in the real world. His motivations are to help and to improve the way things are done in reliability and biostatistics, using available knowledge.


Are you interested in significant-other reliability developments (SOD) that have not been adopted? Combined with adopted developments, they constitute real reliability, just like the product of a complex number and its complex conjugate yields a real number. SOD includes nonparametric estimates of age-specific field reliability and failure rate functions (actuarial rates), without life data. These estimates deal with renewal processes, repairable processes, and missing data. SOD also quantify uncertainty, not just sample uncertainty. Privacy protection is afforded by not tracking products or people by serial number or name to obtain ages at failures and survivors ages. SOD may help employ reliability people and induce, governments, companies, and consumers to make decisions and compare products based on real reliability and risk.

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