Luis Aguirre
Luis has over 45 years’ experience in drafting, mechanical design, inspection, and
technical training. His experience in the aerospace, automotive, security and medical
industries have allowed him to bring to bear practical cost effective design,
manufacturing and inspection solutions.
As a former Electro-Mechanical Design Drafting and CAD instructor he is uniquelyread more


This one hour overview will show the quality, cost and delivery benefits of making Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) an integral part of the Product Development/Delivery Process. GD&T is not new, but there is a ‘newness’ about it. Developments in CAD and CMM technology, ISO Standards and Statistical Process Control have brought GD&T once again to the forefront of manufacturing. Participants will see that GD&T is a common language that may be used to improve communication between design, quality, manufacturing, suppliers and customers. When used properly, GD&T will get the right questions asked early in the program, simplify the engineering drawing and directly relate customer requirements to product specifications and process control. Through down-to-earth examples, humor and uncommon sense, an overview of this powerful tool will be presented. Outline of the presentation: (60 minutes)  GD&T definition  GD&T’s role in Concurrent Manufacturing  How GD&T fits current and future technology  GD&T used to:  Relate Design, Manufacturing and Quality  Define Cp and Cpk  Reduce o Scrap o Rework o Engineering changes o “Use as is” decisions o Cycle time o Time to market  Robust Designs  The Role of GD&T in Six Sigma Design  Examples  Summary

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