Jorge Romeu
Jorge Luis Romeu is a Research Professor with the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, MAE, Syracuse University (SU), and an Adjunct Professor for MAE and for SU Whitman School of Management where he regularly teaches statistics, quality and operations research courses. He is also a Senior Science Advisor with Quanterion Solutions Inc., which operates the RIAC (Reliability Info. Ana...read more


Availability is a performance measure concerned with assessing a maintained system or device, with respect to its ability to be used when needed. In this Webinar overview how Availability is measured under its three different definitions (Inherent, Achieved, Operational). Then, we obtain Availability via several methods (theoretical/practical), using both statistical and Markovian approaches. We overview the case where redundancy is used, and where system degradation is allowed. Finally, we discuss ways of improving system or device Availability and provide several numerical examples. Take-Aways: • Understanding Availability from a practical standpoint • Calculating different Availability ratings • Practical and Economic ways of enhancing Availability

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