Operational Reliability Assessment Using Multivariate Covariates (基于 多元协变量的运行可靠性评价)


Abstract: This talk presents a novel extension method based on two types of existing covariate models. The proposed integrated PHM-IPCM method considers the influence of environmental covariates, and make use of more than one associated response covariates at the same time. Application to turret case study shows the efficiency of the proposed method. Speakers: Dr. Chenxi Liu, Prof. Nan Chen Dr. Chenxi Liu serves as a lecturer in the school of Mechanical Engineering at Jiangsu University. She earned her doctoral degree in Mechanical Engineering at Southeast University in 2016. Her research interests include dynamic fault tree modeling of multi-state system, reliability testing and reliability prediction. Dr. Nan Chen is a professor in Southeast University. He also serves as the associate dean in Yancheng New Energy Automobile Institute. He received his doctoral Degree in Mechanics at Xi’an Jiaotong University in 1988. He has hosted and completed numerous National Natural Science Foundation Projects and National Science and Technology Major Projects. His current research interests include reliability testing and optimization.

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