My data is not complete enough for a Weibull plot, what can I do now?

Jim Breneman
Jim Breneman worked for Pratt & Whitney, Division of United Technologies for almost 35 years before retiring in 2008. At retirement he was an ACE mentor, as well as the Manager of Engineering Technical Excellence. Jim formed and guided P&W’s Engineering Technical University, was responsible for all P&W Research & Development Agreements with Universities, as well as the P&W more


My data isn’t complete enough for a Weibull plot, what can I do now?... “Reliability Growth Modeling” to the rescue OK, so you know how to predict the future number of failures when you have a Weibull plot, but suppose you don’t know the individual failure times! What now? This webinar looks at answering this question by showing how to use the tool known as “reliability Growth Modeling” to model data where all you know are the daily or weekly or monthly failures versus the fleet times over the same time frame. Using that “dirty” (not very specific) failure data you can learn (almost) as much about the failure process and how many future failures you will have.

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