Using the Poisson and the Binomial in support of  product (including software)/service  reliability

Norma Antunano
Norma has worked in the technology industry in different Quality and Reliability roles and is passionate about Continuous Improvement; she has led and mentored diversity of technical, business improvement and innovation projects at Medtronic, Honeywell, Broadcom and Hewlett Packard from scoping through completion with successful results. Norma has been Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award more


The Binomial and the Poisson are instrumental for assessing reliability of products and services. These functions also assist assessing risks in variety of industries and services including financial securities, supply chain, and other value chain systems. The Poisson enables modeling and analysis for variety of systems like for non-deterministic maintenance systems, business operations, health care outbreaks, and variety of processes. Through examples attendees may find suitability of the Binomial and the Poisson in various applications, and how these functions become instrumental during product and services planning.

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