Creative and innovative design solutions and problem fixes - the path less traveled

David Auda


New product/service development and problem solving when existing products/services unexpectedly fail in the customers hands are not always met the most creative solutions. Creativity is a special step in the process and requires a radical deviation from what most would consider to be the standard approach. Some companies are savvy enough to have Innovation Offices where they can provide this peculiar service to the developer and/or problem solvers. Unfortunately, new development process steps don’t usually include a creativity workshop, nor is there a problem solving step that calls for an excursion into the realm of creativity. Often, if a design engineer or design team lays out their concepts, they are not inviting the rest of the word to challenge it. It’s their ‘baby’, and to suggest that there may be a better, more eloquent or clever solution is akin to calling their baby ‘ugly’. Such an approach will inevitibaly be met with a defense. Also with problem solving, the mindset is not to deliver some unique, extensible and clever solution, that is, playing to the big win, but it is much more an exercise in risk aversion and stopping the hemorrhaging. This webinar will propose that indulging in at least one trans-contextual thinking (TCT) exercise would answer the underlying question “did you consider all the possibilities?” This material will not provide the attendee with a prescriptive methodology for generating radical and revolutionary solutions, because that is not possible, but it will provide the attendee with a descriptive review of some of the many approaches that can be used to stimulate creativity and provide the opportunity for a revolutionary solution to present itself.

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