HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Testing) Application at Cisco

Laura Luo
Laura Luo received her MS degree in reliability engineering from the University of Arizona, 1996-1998. She Joined Cisco Systems in 2004. Currently she is working at HALT lab as Sr. reliability engineer. Before Cisco, she worked at Solectron for 5 years as reliability test development engineer.


With the ever increasing demands on higher product reliability, and Time-to-Market (TTM), especially in the Network Equipment market, Cisco has implemented a series of design verification processes in the New Product Introduction (NPI) phase to ensure the fulfillment of the above objectives/missions. Among these testing portfolios, Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) is one of the better and most efficient tools in the Cisco “tool box” that has been realized and implemented in the dawn of days to improve the product reliability, both in hardware and software. This paper will provide a peek into Cisco HALT Policy, Guideline, Methodology and Process, as well as, a summary of typical HALT findings, and the establishment of criteria for failure root-cause analysis and corrective action. Examples of specific findings and their analysis will be included to outline the value and benefit of HALT process in the design process, moreover, the application of how to derive the determined HALT operational limits to obtain the reliability information, will be demonstrated.

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