Conducting Effective Supplier Assessments

R Dan Reid
R. Dan Reid, Director of Consulting at Omnex, is best known as an author of ISO Technical Specification (TS) 16949, ISO 9001:2000, QS-9000, the first ISO International Workshop Agreement (IWA 1), which applies ISO 9000 to healthcare and its replacement, AIAG’s Business Operating Systems for Healthcare Organizations (HF-2). He also worked on the Chrysler, Ford and GM Potential Failure Mode and more


Supplier management is often an under-resourced and/or ineffective element in quality management systems given the inherent risk. In this webinar, Dan Reid will discuss how to conduct effective supplier assessment based on ISO 19011 and best industry practices. Topics will include: • Types of assessments • Phases of audits • Audit Sampling • Audit Records • Focus Areas, e.g. Sub-tier Supplier Management, Top Management Commitment.

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