Cultural diversity and how to improve communication/collaboration in your organisation

Emma Langman
Dr Emma Langman started her career as a Civil Engineer, before segueing via business improvement, lean and systems thinking to her current role as Manager of HR & Performance for Kuwait Energy. The company is an independent MENA oil and gas exploration and production company with a registered office in Jersey, head office in Bahrain and over 600 staff working in regional offices (and more


The world is getting smaller. No matter how big or small your organization is, it is no longer an island existing in a mono-culture where everyone that you interact with at work is from a similar cultural heritage to you. The interconnectedness of the modern world means that we all have to learn how to survive (and hopefully thrive) in multi-cultural contexts. The idea of cultural diversity spans a whole host of difference, whether it be nationalities, religious views, or even diversity of educational background and career choice. Sometimes individuals may feel different to the rest of their organization because of a difference in personality preference (e.g. being a marketing person in a very technical organization, or a technically-inclined person in a sales organization). In this webinar we will be exploring the concepts of 'difference' and 'sameness' - and looking at how organizations and individuals can make cultural diversity a serious competitive advantage. In particular, we will explore the areas of culture, communication and collaboration. The talk will start with broad brushstrokes to frame the discussion, and will then move onto finer details of how to get these 3 Cs right in a world where diversity and globalization will remain the norm for many years to come.

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