Reliability Data Analysis Using SAS

Ming Li
Ming Li is an accomplished statistical leader and data scientist. He worked with Applied Statistics Lab at GE Global Research Center and Advanced Analytics Division in SAS Institute in the past a few years after obtaining PhD degrees in Statistics an Physics from Iowa State University. He is currently a Data Scientist at Walmart Technology to implement next generation big data driven more


Standard reliability data are usually analyzed by engineers and practitioner using a few special purpose commercial software packages. On the other hand, not all reliability data sets are in standard format. A general purpose statistical analysis environment will provide the needed flexibility to model non-standard reliability data and it can also provide versatile graphic outputs for better data and model illustration. In this talk, the speaker will start from standard reliability problems to explore how SAS, a general purpose statistical software, can help in reliability analysis. Then a non-standard reliability problems with random effects will be explored in detail. All examples will run from SAS during the webinar to ensure audience get hands-on experience.

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