Counterfeit Electronics

Diganta Das
Dr. Diganta Das, is a member of the research staff at the Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering. His other research interests include electronic parts supply chain, part recycling and reuse, LED failure mechanisms, power electronics reliability, applications of prognostics to electronic components remaining life assessment and qualification. Dr. Das has published more than 100 articles on more


Counterfeit electronics components continue to make news. In recent years, the prevalence of these fake parts has only increased, with reports of parts discovered in military systems, medical devices and process control equipment. This increased risk has not only focused the spotlight on counterfeit component detection methods, but the ability of these techniques to uncover suspect parts that are produced using sophisticated counterfeit creation techniques. There is NO alternative to good supply chain management as a defense against counterfeit parts. Much of the problem regarding counterfeit electronics is due to lack of due diligence by the part buyers. Understanding of the supply chain and assessing the supply chain before engaging them are necessary steps for any organization. Many types of products that have to be manufactured and supported for long periods of time lack control over critical parts of their supply chain, e.g., avionics and space, telecom infrastructure, and industrial controls. This Webinar will provide a primer on the diverse counterfeit part creation techniques with examples. It will describe the supply chain of electronic parts and how vulnerabilities there can make way for counterfeit parts to enter the supply chain. We will discuss the tools available to avoid counterfeit parts in the public domain such as the process change notices and other part information. The methods to assess the part distributors will be described with emphasis on methods to avoid the high risk sources.

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