Finding Causes that Checklists Don't Find

Alec Feinberg
Dr. Alec Feinberg is the founder of DfRSoft. He has a Ph.D. in Physics and is the principal author of the book, Design for Reliability. Alec has provided reliability engineering services in all areas of reliability including solar, thin film power electronics, defense, microelectronics, aerospace, wireless electronics, and automotive electrical systems. He has provided training classes in Design more


The typical approach to identifying potential problems or issues in a planned activity is a checklist of some sort. In the industrial world two of the most widely used are FMEA and HAZOP. In both of these, a "normally" operating process, or possibly its preliminary design, is challenged by considering the consequences of operating outside its design parameters and then making a decision about those consequences and the cost of containment. The approach in both tools is asking the question "what". Those experienced in these tools can testify as to how much caffeine is required during such a review. Despite decades of the use of these tools, we continue to experience industrial accidents. This webinar will review an alternative approach known as Predictive Failure Analysis or PFA. In this type of review, participants are asking the question "How can we make SURE the process (or system, product) NOT operate according to design?" This type of review always identifies more possibilities and requires no caffeine as participants are highly motivated to be saboteurs. This webinar will review the process and overview two case studies.

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