Broad Impact of Electrostatic discharge (ESD) on Product Quality and Reliability (Part 1 of 2)

Ted Dangelmayer


Many engineers are aware of some aspects of the importance of ESD as a threat to product yield, returns and malfunction. What is surprising is the breadth of its impact across a wide variety of products, technologies, services and markets. For instance, it has recently been determined that, for some technologies, many EOS (Electrical Overstress) failures have been misdiagnosed and were actually ESD. In this seminar we present a broad survey of the impacts including this EOS misdiagnosis issue. The best known effects, those on integrated circuits, will be discussed and the implications of the IC technology and packaging roadmaps will be discussed. We will also describe the effects on other areas including MEMS, flat panel displays, phototools, manufacturing equipment, hand-held devices and operating systems. In each case we will describe how ESD caused failure or malfunction. Where available, industry-wide data will be summarized. Newly realized ESD failure mechanisms such as Charged-Board Events (CBE), Cable Discharge Events (CDE) and transient-induced latch-up will also be discussed.

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