Event speakers
@ San Antonio, TX

Speakers still subject to changes

Dan Conrad
Physics-based approach to reliability analysis for components used in new environment
Mann, Reuben
Why chi-squares is used for MTBF confidence intervals
Ronald Lim
Predicting the customer experience: using Monte Carlo analysis to model and manage warranty risk
Stanford, Rachel
Reliability centered maintenance: applying an aviation philosophy to oil & gas
McDermott, Dave
The impact of safety probability interpretation on risk management
Charles Revelle
Using calibration testing as a method of reducing product time-based failures risk
Shawn Currie
Probabilistic Risk Assessment on a Two-Leaf Bascule Bridge
Matthew Metz and Bryan Dodson
Evaluation of lifetime parameter estimation methods
Arrowsmith, Peter
Improved method for ALT optimization, re-visited
Loberg, D. J.
Test system avengers: managing system level risks through design for maintainability
Smith, Jan
Event interval analysis-Boeing 737 MAX example
Sater, Karen
Making sense of extremes
Gangopadhyaya, Alpana
Can fault tree analysis technique resolve fault isolation ambiguity?
Olakunle Akande
Engineering Changes and Lifecycle Information Management Challenges in Process Plants
Han, David
Condition-Based Maintenance Policy under Gamma Degradation Process
James A McLinn
Testing Approaches to Reduce Risk in the Field