Monday course
October 14, 2019

Accelerated Testing - Problems, Mysteries and Solutions
Instructor: Jim McLinn

This one day class will explore, by examples, exercises and solutions to challenging ALT situations commonly found in industry. Topics and tols covered by the solutions will include: Understanding of the concept of acceleration Use of Multilevel stress testing approaches Understanding common Stress models, Arrhenius, Power Law or Eyring Extrapolation from the overstress region to customer use conditions Dealing with limits of small sample size Using multiple stresses and interaction Understanding how to use degradation approaches when life is long. Use of Weibull analysis for help in analysis Using HALT when samples and time are limited Upon completion of the course the attendee will be able to develop an Accelerated test and understand the limits of the test method selected. The attendee will be able to efficiently and effectively manage the whole test process.

Thursday course
October 17, 2019

Capital Asset Management / Critical Asset Strategy
Instructor: David Auda

It is sensible that organizations, whether they develop and produce products and/or services, understand what their capital assets are and more importantly, which ones are critical to their vision/mission attainment. To begin, prerequisites are needed that define vision/mission along with supporting goals and objectives. Given this information the identified ‘assets’ can then be assessed within the context of the given information. The approach that will be used here is generally applicable to almost any operation. This course will explore, by exercise, scenarios where no prerequisites are found and where there are well defined prerequisites (vision/mission/goals/objectives). Upon completion of the course the attendee will be able to collect/develop the necessary foundational information and create an asset matrix with assigned criticalities and proposed actions to efficiently and effectively manage the assets.

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